Why Is Cleaning Out Your Gutters SO Important...


  • 1000-square-foot roof will shed 623 gallons of water in a 1-inch rainstorm.
  • Northern Indiana receives 42 inches on average, per year.
  • Thats about 26,166 Gallons of water your gutters need to handle.

When rainwater has nowhere to run, water continues to flood over, it can leave rotten fascia or a leaky roof in its wake.  Having clean gutters helps that rain move away from your home keeping it from pooling around the foundation of your house. (This water can crack your foundation when it expands and freezes in the winter months).

Leaky gutters can lead to huge amounts of damage. Taking preventive measures now can help minimize the likelihood of having to repair or replace your roof.

Cleaning gutters requires working from a ladder. Be safe. Make sure all the gutters are secure and firmly attached to the house. Remove any crud by hand or a scooper followed by flushing out the gutter with water, starting at the far end and moving toward the downspout.

Seal any leaking seams and joints with gutter sealant. To spruce up the outside of the gutters, use a pressure washer to remove any mildew and dirt. Touch up with paint, if needed.

Defend your roof by cleaning out clogged gutters.